Racism Stories

Racism and discrimination stories inspired by real news by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Racism online text with guided meditation

Racist football fan's nightmare

Racist warning from Russian politician

Stories about how racism is taught

Racism in italian school primary textbook

No one has ever been a colour

Racism in Italy 2018

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True short stories collection inspired by real events
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Immigrant man suicide death in Venice video story

Freedom of expression explained to Aliens

Quebec Mosque Attack: a joke

Indians vs Africans

Racism against Roma people story in Italy

The Bogeyman's son

Red doors for asylum seekers' houses: Baseema’s answer

First Afro-American woman on a US banknote: Harriet Tubman who died only once

Danish school ethnic quota classes: let's play a game

Romanian killed by Italian: he wanted to pet his dog

Racism white and black: an inconvenient truth

Police kill black man: ban colors 

Racism in Italy: the different story

Bomb threat today home of the terrorist Calogero

Against xenophobia poems: I would like one day

Fertility Day Italy is racist: bad companions

Anti refugee protest barricade in Italy: right to hate story

The future of my people

Black man in wheelchair shot dead by police: the weapon

Ahmed Mohamed’s clock and other inventions in the drawer

Illegal immigrant saves life of a woman: what cannot be taken

The child hidden in the trolley: there is life there 

Italian immigrants in Australia exploited story

Triton Mare Nostrum: the Avengers of Migrants

Migrants death in Mediterranean video storytelling

Romani people in Italy video: only one letter divides us

Anti-Racism Day 2015 story: the monsters city 

Italy migrant boat capsizes video game restart 

Lampedusa 300 migrants dead: we are human


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