Friday, January 18, 2019

The white man

Once upon a time there was a white man.
That is, the racial profiling which in Italy is becoming normal as in US.
I am talking about, following the news, the alleged skin’s colour of a corpse found in Burkina Faso, in Africa.
The body of a white man (Il corpo di un uomo bianco, in Italian), that’s what they need to write.

Because it needs to be clarified, it’s not racism, they say.
Words serve that.
To give a name to things that don’t have only one. And above all those whose generality doesn’t count at all, but only the skin’s colour.
Because there are words that are everything and others that are less than that.
That's why they get lost in the dark, darkness inside darkness, black between the blackest black.
On the other hand, you could perhaps write write just “a corpse was found”, period.
A man's body, and that's it.
Then, informing and taking care of the essential details in the article, or story that is.
Because this is the meaning, or the purpose, of the presence on the page, the link that is revealed between those who create it and those who read it.
Informing and taking care of the essential details.
Instead, here's what happens.
Found the corpse of a white man.
The body of a white man.
Because, despite what they will tell you, those who hide behind such words are driven by the irrepressible need to distinguish one colour from another.
Well, I'm sorry, but this is exactly what racism is.

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