Friday, November 30, 2018

It is not racism, they say

Once upon a time there was a voice.
You can hear it now too.
For sure you can read the words.
Or the delusions, the music does not change.
The daring keyboard comments.
And the monologues screamed in the shelter of an arrogant PC chair.
Once upon a time, indeed, the voice that before the video of the teenager attacked by a schoolmate in England, as well as any kind of discriminatory gesture and insult, will tell you that is not about racism.
Racism does not exist here, they used to say.
Just a few rotten apples.
That this is only a joke.
A classic fight between boys.
There have always been and ever will.
We must not bring racism into play for everything.
That is just normal bullying.
Although this last juxtaposition of words should be forbidden by any kind of syntax.
Once upon a time, therefore, racism for those who deny its existence.
Where a young Syrian refugee is subjected to a schooling version of waterboarding by an English boy, the origin of both has nothing to do with it.
As if it were not taught every day by many, too many governments of this world...

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