Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tamara Pletnyova racist warning

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Once upon a time the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Not the 1934’s, neither the 1950’s ones.
But today, in Russia.
That exists in the same planet which already gave us Martin Luther King, naming one among the many.
Or, maybe, they were not so countless as it seems.
Perhaps, we need more of men like him.
Anyway, once upon a time a politician who totally unashamed dares to warn Russian ladies not to sleep with non-white men as their sons could face racism…
We must give birth to our children,” Tamara Pletnyova told Govorit Moskva radio station. “These (mixed-race) kids suffer and have suffered since Soviet times. It’s one thing if they’re of the same race but quite another if they’re of a different race. I’m not a nationalist, but nevertheless I know that children suffer. They are abandoned, and that’s it, they stay here with mum.”
Once upon a time the modern racist warning…

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