Friday, March 16, 2018

Racism stories from India

Once upon a time there were you, them and others.
Where you is us, the many, sometimes too many.
Where they seem always to be more, even in the case of just one.
And where others are simply others.
Everything but us, you and me.
I said, there were once.
We talked, wrote and, above all, we read about and we saw some bad news.
Uniquely beautiful and profitable to legalized misfortunes’ eaters, who used to see raising high their murky trade actions if the latest creatures of this world sadly fall on the ladder of human understanding.
The most common story is simple, though enlightened words, and suggestive images too, are often futile: you, we, are intolerant and brutal, insensitive and sometimes cruel towards strangers, but you, we, should be understood, right? Because of them...

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