Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Racism stories about terrorism

Because Calogero, his mother, his father and also his grandfather came all from Sicily, South Italy, where many people have brown skin and eyes too.
Calogero was deaf-mute and atheist, but those are little details.
He had just arrived in a typical building of a common town inhabited by ordinary people.
That is, the average stuff.
Except him.
Calogero, incredibly shy and unsociable, lived alone and worked by night in a confectionery.
But it was worth it, because mixing and filling for hours, while most of the neighbors was asleep, was the missing dish balance.
Donating sweetness from dusk to dawn, for the one who was utterly unable to do so in the rest of the time.
However, such personnel soul compensation was just one of many secrets hidden beyond walls too thick walls to give in to easy suspects.

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