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Racism stories in USA: Ahmed's clock

Somewhere there is a drawer.
I have no idea how large it is.
And I have even less of how many things are there.
Made of uniqueness and wonder.
Call them inventions.
Call them normal stuff, for those who are not and never will be trivial.
Call them also bombs.
Because even if you will strive to turn off the love for the change of the one making fly everyone else, you will not get another result.
That makes the flame on the wick.
Much bigger.

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Racism stories: Mathilde Edey Gamassou

Also Gandhi was not a colour, but a gesture of zero and infinite degree at the same time, remaining motionless, indomitable and tenacious where the aggressive man become crowd to oppress and humiliate the most vulnerable notes of the living pentagram.
Indeed, even Albert Einstein was not a colour, but a dilator of times up to really touch the stars and a shortening of lengths allowing us to appreciate the light at the very best moment: when the life that made it eternal, from fragile meat has become indelible memory...

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Racism stories: Not for sale

So, you said full, right?
And you want to go far, don’t you?
That's right... this is also typical?
Very typical.
And that’s the way it is.
Good, I see you’re smart.
Well, can we go?
Here I am: are you ready?
So, the western world is inhabited by honest and civil persons, fearful of the Lord and observing public morality...

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Racism in Italy: stories of Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni

Days ago, in Rome, Italy, a Peruvian woman was pushed on the underground rails right before the train’s arrival by an Italian fellow citizen. The attempted assassination caused fractures to her pelvis and leg, not to mention the traumatic amputation of the left forearm.
At the same time, yesterday, North League (Lega Nord) leader Matteo Salvini and right politician Giorgia Meloni have promptly shared their angry comments on the death of a girl murdered, as soon as they read that the first suspect is an immigrant…
So, I have one question...

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