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Lord Sugar racist tweet reply

I recognize some of these guys from the world I live.
From eyes that spread life and future.
From a hope for justice flowing as blood on each vein.
I recognize all of these brothers just as human beings.
I do, because I am not more than one of them.
I recognize their being together against their opponents.
I do, since I know how important it might be.
Not being alone.
I recognize they should know how crucial their occasion will be.
The lucky chance to fight for a victory.
In front of billions of people who could only dream that.
Then, I see you, so-called lord Sugar, and I don’t recognize anything…

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Tamara Pletnyova racist warning

Once upon a time the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Not the 1934’s, neither the 1950’s ones.
But today, in Russia.
That exists in the same planet which already gave us Martin Luther King, naming one among the many.
Or, maybe, they were not so countless as it seems.
Perhaps, we need more of men like him.
Anyway, once upon a time a politician who totally unashamed dares to warn Russian ladies not to sleep with non-white men as their sons could face racism…
We must give birth to our children,” Tamara Pletnyova told Govorit Moskva radio station. “These (mixed-race) kids suffer and have suffered since Soviet times. It’s one thing if they’re of the same race but quite another if they’re of a different race. I’m not a nationalist, but nevertheless I know that children suffer. They are abandoned, and that’s it, they stay here with mum.”
Once upon a time the modern racist warning…

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False invasion

It's a lovely, primary summer day.
The sun is warm, but not too much, the present season keeps its assurances, as the predictions did the evening before.
On the other hand, as Mary continuously says, can we let a cell phone opinion, even if it told with faultless wording the climatological suggestions, to choose what to do with our life?
In any case, consequently, in the initial hours of the sunrise of that blessed Saturday she would have overloaded in the car parasols, buckets and pallets, as well as the three children, to jump on the near seashore.
Nonetheless, at the present time we are not anymore saved from them.
The anthropological antivirus, self-elected leader of the protectors of worldwide safety…

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Racism stories from Hungary

Viktor Orb├ín government has planned a list of new laws for the Hungarian parliament that will validate the imprisonment of persons and organizations believed to allegedly support illegal immigration, being liable for offering legal, health or any kind of sustenance to individuals without national citizenship…

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Racism stories about diversity

What is diversity?
That’s very easy to explain. Diversity is our true nature. Indeed, it is what nature. Diversity regards our feelings and what we’re looking, it lives inside what we used to dream.
Diversity is all.
That’s why we must defend it each day, hour, moment of our common time.
Learning about ourselves might be an astonishing chance for every one of us, really all.
Only accepting the others we will be able to understand them and vice versa.
Well, is there a better method in order to see each other than sharing and listening real stories?

From Stories of diversity, a dual language book: True short stories collection inspired by real events

Racism stories from Italy school

"The presence of foreigners, mainly from Asian
countries and North Africa, has increased. Many are welcomed in refugee centers and they are clandestine, in other words, their stay in Italy is not authorized by law. In our cities immigrants often live in precarious conditions, they don’t find any job, albeit humble and heavy, and no dignified homes. Therefore their integration is difficult; for economic and social reasons, residents sometimes consider them a threat to their well-being and manifest intolerance to them."

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Racism stories how is taught

With Arithmetic:
Hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more victims are approximated by default, down to zero value, in inverse proportion to the distance from our country of birth. In short, the more the dead
are far from us and the less significant on the balance of our empathy. At the same time, one life lost by one of our fellow citizens is worth hundreds, thousands, ten thousand, and more lives beyond the boundaries of our ID.

With Geography...

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Racism stories about the Bogeyman

"But you have always told me that there are often more truths in the fables than in reality, right?"
"Yes, sure... you remember everything, huh?"
"I try. Am I bad too?"
"Not even for a dream, son, why do you ask that?"
"Dad, if bad children are taken away by the Bogeyman, the latter must be even worse than them. And if I am his son, that is, yours..."
"Listen to me now carefully. Your teacher has told you a story of one Boogeyman who takes away bad children, not everyone. Are the children all bad?"
"Not even all Boogeymen are, here it is."

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Racism stories of Roma people

Once upon a time there was a substance.
A liquid, but do not figure anything light or transparent comparable to its perfection the water.
Imagine an abnormal amount of such a mixture, a smelly mud, as a sea.
Indeed, an ocean.
Or, if you might visualize a greater and uglier mass, choose it, paint it in your mind.
In order that you fear it as what it is, so that you start to worry and work since the final word of this nasty story.
As an unspoken mass, ocean, sea, it also feeds on his cursed, more or less conscious, branches.
Damned rivers, which continuously flow, even now, everywhere, to the sick quest of joining others in this orgy of celebrated inhumanity.

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Racism stories from India

Once upon a time there were you, them and others.
Where you is us, the many, sometimes too many.
Where they seem always to be more, even in the case of just one.
And where others are simply others.
Everything but us, you and me.
I said, there were once.
We talked, wrote and, above all, we read about and we saw some bad news.
Uniquely beautiful and profitable to legalized misfortunes’ eaters, who used to see raising high their murky trade actions if the latest creatures of this world sadly fall on the ladder of human understanding.
The most common story is simple, though enlightened words, and suggestive images too, are often futile: you, we, are intolerant and brutal, insensitive and sometimes cruel towards strangers, but you, we, should be understood, right? Because of them...

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Racism stories of religion

"Boss?" Says the youngest among the reporters, recently arrived to the newspaper, a freelance and above all no money guy.
"Who is it?" Asks the chief and publisher’s son. He gave the name to the newspaper, believing that it could further stress its political orientation. Nevertheless, only after he registered the magazine, was informed that ambidextrous doesn't mean at all with two right hands.
"Sorry, I know it’s late, it’s Mike..."
"The new one…"

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